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WooBag Cart Popup Lite for WooCommerce


WooBag Cart Popup Lite is a must have WordPress WooCommerce Addon Plugin that gives you full control over design and behaviour of your cart popup. Customize Text, Backgrounds, Borders, Buttons, Width, Position, Loader Icons to any style of your choice. Use your own images for backgrounds!

WooBag Cart Popup Lite is the only Cart Popup Plugin, offering largest number of features for free!

Scrolling for the Cart Items

  • Show Custom Scrollbar – Show scrollbar to help users easily see what they have in cart
  • Use Buttons for Scrolling – Alternatively, use top and bottom custom buttons to scroll

Optimize Conversion Rate

  • Set Alerts on Product Removal – Set Custom Alerts to stop user from removing an item from the cart

Customize Almost Everything!

  • Customize Popup Buttons – Background, Width, and Borders.
  • Customize Popup Backgrounds – Colors, Image, Image Repeat, and Image Position.
  • Customize Popup Text – Color, Size, Font, and Text Position.
  • Customize Popup Borders and Separators – Color, Radius, Width, and Style.

This is not it! Check these amazing features too!

  • Responsive Design
  • Show Custom Product Attributes with the
  • Live Preview while you edit

More Amazing Features of WooBag Popup Lite:

  • Set cart items scroll speed, and other behaviours.
  • Set the number of items to list above the fold in the cart popup.
  • Easily select the image and text proportion of your cart items.
  • Set custom button in cart popup and link it with the URL of your choice.
  • Set screen positioning (Centre, Right, Left etc) of the Popup.
  • Select and Customize (Colour and Size) the Loader Icon of your choice.
  • Easily Set Opacity of the cart
  • Set custom height of an item in the cart popup.
  • Enable and customize the text of your choice at the header and footer of the popup.
  • Choose to enable the Cart Popup in Small Screens


Check it yourself! Make the changes from the WooBag Popup Lite admin panel and see them in action on the front end!


Please, read the official plugin documentation to know all plugin features.

For more features and amazing support get WooBag Premium version:

  • Ability to insert cart into any menu of your choice.
  • Display dropdown popup under cart icon.
  • Cart Widgets and Shortcodes to easily display your cart.
  • Display open shopping cart in sidebar area.
  • Cart in fixed location (visible cart with scrolling page).
  • Template system to create unlimited cart designs of your shop.
  • Easily Set Action on how to open the Popup (click or hover).
  • Various Call to Action options to improve your sales.
  • Many options to Customize Empty cart to improve conversions.
  • Create scarcity using countdown timer for the items in cart.
  • Reserve products feature to create scarcity.
  • Easily choose the pages you want to show the cart on.
  • Easily Set Action (close button or mouseout) on how to close the Popup.
  • Separate Styling of Menu Cart Icon to Customize and Position it.
  • Choose Icon from the built in options or upload any icon of your choice.
  • Style cart icon with your own choice of colour and size.
  • Various options of showing/customizing Cart icon with quantity and price.
  • And a lot more!

Download the WooBag Premium Version here


  • WooBag Popup in action on the front end. This is the default template of the popup. You can customize almost everything from the backend settings.
  • Enjoy the live preview of the popup while you edit it at the backend. You no more need to go to the front end every time you make a change.
  • Multiple Scroll options to use to empower your cart popup with scrolling feature. You can use button style scrolling or the classic scrolling with a modern touch. You can even customize the colors of the vertical scroll bar. You can also personlize the Scroll buttons by customizing their background color, with, padding, position etc.
  • Set Alerts on Product Removal – Set Custom Alerts to stop user from removing an item from the cart
  • WooBag automatically picks your custom defined attributes such as Size, Color etc. You have the option to show them with items in the cart.


Install WooBag Cart Popup Lite using the WordPress plugin uploader:

  1. Log into your WordPress admin panel
  2. Navigate to Plugins > Add New
  3. Click Upload
  4. Click Choose File and select the
  5. Click Install Now
  6. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  7. Now you will see the new menu item with the name “WooBag”


What is the difference between “Mouse Wheel Scroll” and “Button Scroll”?

This feature lets you decide how you want to set cart items scrolling of your WooBag popup items. You can set the scrolling type and also how the scrolling behaves.
Button Scroll: Lets you show the buttons to scroll the cart items up or down.
Mouse Wheel Scroll: Enables the default scrolling feature using mouse or scroll wheel.

How can I set custom alert when an item is removed from the cart?

This option lets you show/hide the confirmation alert box at the time when customer removes an item from the cart. To set this feature, go to “Items Area” tab and set “Show Remove Items Confirmation” to “Yes”, and now you will see a set of more features right under it to configure the alert popup. From there, you can set the heading, message, and buttons text.

How will the cart popup look on mobile devices?

No matter, whatever width you have set for your popup, it automatically covers 90% width of the small screens such as mobile devices and tablets.

I want to show only one item in the cart popup and rest with scrolling?

Go to “Items Area” tab, set option “Items Area Visible Window” to 1 and it will only show 1 item and if a second item is added to the cart, the scrolling will start automatically.

How can I set the position of the background?

Once you have set the background position, use the black color arrows to move the background image up, down, right and left.


27 An Dàmhair 2016 1 reply
This plugin shows an error on line 365 /PHP/. The author should determine what the problem is and fix this bug. I’m developing a custom theme, based on FoundationPress, if that helps to identify the problem.
3 An t-Sultain 2016
Everything works great, had to do some custom css changes, but all works like a charm 🙂
3 An t-Sultain 2016
It is really cute plugin. I was looking for something like it for along time. And I was really surprised that nobody did something like this before. This plugin adds really needed functions to my WooCommerce store. My clients can see what products they added in their cart, can to delete something or to clean up the cart in one click. And all this without leaving tha page of product! After install on my premium theme I’ve got some issuses. I wrote to the tech. support, and my issue was resolved by one day. The reason was in my theme, but tech. support helped me. So I can to recommend to use this plugin to all WooCommerce users!
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