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Take your favorite Page Builders to a whole new level & manage all your designs in one place with Templately


Save all your designs with Templately & deploy in hundreds of websites with 1-click. Increase productivity and power up your whole team to build websites faster than ever before.


Sign up right now and get started with beautiful Templates. You can just import these designs with 1 click & start creating WordPress pages.

🔥 Full Site Import:

Templately Full Site Import will help you import your entire template pack just in one click. It will change your existing design & not at all affect your current designs.


Save your design templates in MyCloud storage and access all your Saved Templates anytime from any device.


Invite your team to work together while building a website and get your work done faster than ever.


Create landing pages with Elementor, Gutenberg and boost up your page building experience to the next level.

🔥 Over 2500+ Elementor Templates Available Already

Elementor Templates are the easiest way to build websites fast with the most popular website builder, we have 2500+ templates available already.


Unlock the true possibilities of the Gutenberg block editor with ready-to-use templates from Templately. More than 2000+ templates are ready to build your website in one click.


Get help and assistance from our dedicated forum support and create stunning landing pages with Templately.


Create conversion optimized landing pages for every niche using the Templately PRO templates packs.

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  • For documentation and tutorials go to our documentation
  • If you have any more questions, visit our support on the Plugin’s Forum.
  • For more information about features, FAQs and documentation, check out our website at Templately.

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  • Importing Templately Template
  • Saving Templates in Cloud
  • Template Gallery
  • Templately My Clouds
  • Templately My WorkSpace


Modern Way:

  1. Go to the WordPress Dashboard “Add New Plugin” section.
  2. Search For “Templately”.
  3. Install, then Activate it.
  4. Follow the Documentation

Old Way:

  1. Upload templately to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Follow the Documentation


Does it work with any WordPress theme?

Yes, it will work with any standard WordPress theme.

How to use Templately templates?

First you have to install Templately on your website then choose your favorite template from the dashboard. With just a single click you can insert Templately templates on your website.

Does Templately have WooCommerce Templates?

Templately has a lot of eCommerce templates which fully supports WooCommerce. So, you can build your WooCommerce store with Templately Templates.

Can I save my Templates for reusing?

Yes. Template comes with Cloud Storage. You can easily save your templates there and reuse them anytime.

Does Templately have free templates?

Yes, We have many free templates for Elementor & Gutenberg that you can use to build your website.

Will you add more Elementor templates & Gutenberg templates?

Every month we are adding new Elementor templates, along with Gutenberg templates & blocks, to help you build stunning websites.


27 An Gearran 2024
just can say: thank you for your quick, friendly and helpfull support .loren helped me out with a small issue i couldnt handle/fix. so i was 24h strugglin into and loren fixed it in 15 min.this support is always there in chat, and qalm and take the time for you. i can highly recomend this service & support.very happy. thank you again loren
20 An Gearran 2024
awesome support helped us get things fixed up at Fishwhisper
20 An Gearran 2024
I was having the worst time finding one little SVG file in the Fresh Grains Home Page template. I searched everywhere, clicked every submenu I could find, and could not find where to change the image. I took to the chat and after some time digging around Loren was able to help me finally locate it AND provided me with a video guiding me to its location <3 Thank you so much!
14 An Gearran 2024
They have forums and ticket support that has been invaluable. Very interesting way to build your website with their blocks. You can pick and choose which blocks/pages/or full kits you want to implement. You can implement their blocks with other blocks from other plugins. Pretty awesome
8 An Gearran 2024
Amazing support, and amazing customer service. ticket was taken care as fast as 24h, as soon as they found the issue, was fixed, period. AWESOME
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3.0.2 – 18-02-2024

Fixed: Gutenberg image import to media library.
Fixed: Shows error modal if account isn’t verified before importing.
Fixed: Changing the image of a block breaks its design.
Improved: Templately dashboard network/timeout issue.
Improved: Template import execution time.
Few minor bug fixes & improvements

3.0.1 – 30-01-2024

Fixed: Full site import issue when WordPress is installed in a subdirectory.
Few minor bug fixes & improvements

3.0.0 – 24-01-2024

Added: Templately Full Site Import 🚀
Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.2.13 – 09-01-2024

Fixed: Page layout breaking issue while importing on Elementor.
Improved: Template search option
Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.2.12 – 06-12-2023

Fixed: Templately wasn’t opening from Elementor editor
Fixed: Warning on PHP 7.3
Improved: WorkSpace sharing option via Email
Improved: Rating given process in pack sidebar
Few minor bug fixes & improvements

2.2.11 – 30-11-2023

Improved: Pack sidebar design.
Fixed: Template save in Templately for Flexbox Container
Few minor bug fixes & improvements.

2.2.10 – 20-11-2023

Fixed: Responsive issues in login form.
Few minor bug fixes & improvements.

2.2.9 – 8-11-2023

Added: WordPress 6.4 compatibility.
Fixed: Few minor bug fixes & improvements.

2.2.8 – 05-11-2023

Added: Instant Customer Support option.
Fixed: Few responsive issues.
Few minor bug fixes & improvements.

2.2.7 – 31-10-2023

Revamped: Login Screen UI.
Improved: Added few more validation in Password field & WorkSpace.
Few minor bug fixes and improvements.

2.2.6 – 09-10-2023

Fixed: Security issue reported by WPScan.
Improvement: Featured item filtering for packs.
Few minor bug fixes and improvements.

2.2.5 – 20-09-2023

Fixed: Full section was not appearing when certain dependency widgets were missing in that section in Elementor editor.
Fixed: Templates were breaking in Gutenberg after the dependency plugins were installed from the plugin repository.
Fixed: Importing from My Favorites doesn’t display the dependency plugins.
Few minor bug fixes and improvements.

2.2.4 – 30-08-2023

Fixed: PHP 7.2 Compatibility Issue
Few minor bug fixes and improvements.

2.2.3 – 28-08-2023

Few minor bug fixes and improvements.

2.2.2 – 26-07-2023

Fixed: Login Issue for certain users
Few minor bug fixes and improvements.

2.2.1 – 12-06-2023

Few minor bug fixes and improvements.

2.2.0 – 11-05-2023

Added: New pricing plan based on active sites.
Fixed: Wrong purchase link in Import Failed Modal Button.
Few minor bug fixes and improvements.

2.1.0 – 15-02-2023

Added: Individual pricing for Templately
Added: Purchased Items section on profile area
Fixed: Image ordering issue on pack thumbnail
Improvement: Single template/block sidebar UI
Improvement: Modal design improvement on Elementor
Few minor bug fixes and improvements.

2.0.6 – 13-12-2022

Hot Fix: Elementor Header and Footer template insert issue on elementor editor.
Few minor bug fixes and improvements

2.0.5 – 12-12-2022

Added: Login button on the main screen.
Fixed: Critical Error while importing template on Library.
Fixed: Button color overwrite issue in elementor dark mode.
Improvement: Added proper notice when dependency plugin not exists.
Few minor bug fixes and improvements

2.0.4 – 22-11-2022

Few minor bug fixes and improvements

2.0.3 – 16-11-2022

Removed: Unnecessary Codes
Few minor bug fixes and improvements

2.0.2 – 04-10-2022

Fixed: UX for verification popup for non-logged in users.
Few minor bug fixes and improvements

2.0.1 – 04-10-2022

Fixed: Login Migration issue
Fixed: Workspace import issue in Gutenberg editor
Fixed: My Cloud Item Download Issue
Fixed: Gutenberg template import not showing proper message for non-verified users
Few minor bug fixes and improvements

2.0.0 – 03-10-2022

Upgraded: React 16 to 18
Added: Types for Pages and Blocks
Added: Categories for Packs
Added: Layouts or item references on the item details page for a single item pack.
Added: Related items carousel in pack details page.
Improved: State management for the Templately App with Redux and Saga
Improved: Item details page UI/UX for better navigation
Improved: Items filter on the pack details page.
Improved: Backend Call for content from Templately Server.
Improved: Filter options with Types, Categories, Tags, and Dependencies
Improved: Search based on Item Type (i.e: Pages, Blocks, Packs, etc)
Improved: Item Insertion Method for both Elementor and Gutenberg
Improved: Separate Profile page removed and introducing Profile dropdown menu to access Favorites and My Downloads easily.
Improved: Sign In and Signup page.
Improved: Error Handling
Improved: Item Dependency UI. Added tooltip to easily get the dependencies name.
Improved: Favourites functionality.

1.3.6 – 07-07-2022

Improvement: Added popup message when the MyCloud space is over for Starter plan.
Fixed: Importing issue of downloaded file from MyCloud.
Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.3.5 – 02-06-2022

Fixed: Dependency Check and Autoinstalling from Search Screen.
Fixed: Placeholder text alignment for workspace-editing in elementor screen.
Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.3.4 – 27-04-2022

Fixed: Block Editor Console Error
Fixed: PHP Disable Functions Warnings
Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.3.3 – 25-01-2022

Fixed: Category filter issue.
Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.3.2 – 20-01-2022

Added: Tri-State Dependency Actions for Filter ( include, exclude and nothing ).
Fixed: Adding Template to My Cloud is not working.
Fixed: WorkSpace Dropdown List Keeps Same if I switched to another WorkSpace.
Fixed: Filter reset button not clearing the tags properly.
Fixed: Cannot save the change in WorkSpace.
Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.3.1 – 21-11-2021

Added: Packs and pages support for Gutenberg.
Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.3.0 – 04-07-2021

Added: New Profile page with My Favourites & Downloaded Item List
Fixed: Template Count issues for Gutenberg platform
Fixed: Preloader not showing properly when items are inserted
Fixed: Dependency Selection Issue
Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.2.3 – 25-05-2021

Fixed: My Cloud items not syncing after switching to a different account
Fixed: Workspace not updating in real-time
Fixed: Auto Installations of dependency plugins not working properly
Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.2.2 – 20-04-2021

Fixed: JS Uncaught ERROR issue.
Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.2.1 – 17-02-2021

Fixed: PHP 5.6 compatibility issue.

1.2.0 – 16-02-2021

Added: Download Button for Cloud Item, WorkSpace Item
Added: Grid View for Cloud Items, WorkSpace Items.
Added: Copy for Shared WorkSpace Item.
Added: Messages for Clouds for Unverified Users.
Added: Some UI Changes
Fixed: PreLoader on insertion
Fixed: Auto logged out for Unverified Users.
Fixed: Tags Filter Issue
Fixed: My WorkSpace dropdown css issue.
Fixed: Lots of UI Issues.

1.1.8 – 17-01-2021

Tweaked: Minor changes in the Dashboard UI
Fixed: Missing insert icon for all blocks
Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.1.7 – 04-01-2021

Added: Pretty URL in the Templately Dashboard for all items
Fixed: Search option for Workspace not working properly
Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.1.6 – 20-12-2020

Fixed: Search bar not working properly inside Elementor Editor
Fixed: Item Previews not working properly
Fixed: Items insertion failure from Preview page
Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.1.5 – 09-12-2020

Added: Global Login option
Added: Filter Templates by tags
Fixed: Safari browser incompatibility
Fixed: Scrolling not working inside Elementor Editor
Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.1.4 – 26-11-2020

  • Fixed: Safari Issue
  • Added: Tags Filter
  • Added: Tags Filter
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.1.4 – 26-11-2020

  • Improved: Upgraded to React 17.*
  • Revamped: Code Structure for better performance
  • Fixed: WordPress Dashboard not scrolling from Templately page
  • Fixed: Responsive issues on different devices
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

1.1.3 – 27-10-2020

  • Fixed: No Items Found error inside Workspace
  • Fixed: Template Insertion placement issue inside Elementor Editor
  • Fixed: Workspace not showing initially inside WordPress Dashboard
  • Added: Pagination option for Templates Overview inside WordPress Dashboard
  • Improved: Overall UI/UX with Revamped Designs
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.1.2 – 06-08-2020

  • Fixed: Push to Cloud from Gutenberg screen.
  • Fixed: Auto refresh in MyClouds Page after redirect from SaveTemplates screen.
  • Enhanced: Changed Push button to Save Post( post_type ) in Templately in Gutenberg Screen.

1.1.1 – 17-07-2020

  • Added: Dependency Plugin filter
  • Fixed: PreviewHeader Insert Issue
  • Lots of minor bugfix and improvements

1.1.0 – 16-06-2020

  • Added: Auto install option for dependency plugins
  • Enhancement : Login/Sign Up Process
  • Fixed : Cloud Search Pagination issue
  • Lots of minor bugfix and improvements

1.0.2 – 21-05-2020

  • Added: My Cloud Search
  • Fixed: Lodash & Underscore JS conflict
  • Fixed: Classic Editor conflict

1.0.1 – 14-05-2020

  • Fixed : Pro template insertion issue
  • Fixed : Workspace redirection after delete workspace from it’s details page
  • Few minor bugfix and improvement

1.0.0 – 14-05-2020

  • Added : Workspace for better collaboration
  • Added : Platform switcher (Elementor & Gutenberg)