No Right Click Images Plugin


The No Right Click Images Plugin Plugin uses JavaScript to change the right click action on IMG tags to disable the context menu. It disables the context menu on images only so other right click actions, such as links, should work normally.

Optionally the plugin can be disabled for logged in users.

Since it uses JavaScript, it targets more images than using plugins that filter pages and rewrite the tag. The plugin will find many images generated in scripts or pasted into posts and comments, that similar plugins will not find.

It is impossible to keep people from stealing images that appear in web pages, but this plugin will deter casual theft from surfers who do not want to interpret HTML or dig into the browser cache.

Smart Phone support is hit or miss. Some web pages rely very much on clickable images and this suppresses some actions, so if an image is large enough to fill a screen, the page may not be able to scroll. It depends very much on your WordPress theme and how it displays images.

Images uploaded via the WordPress Media uploader will open in a window if clicked. The image will not be protected, so be sure to indicate that there should be no action if the image is clicked at the time you upload the image.

Some browsers prevent JavaScript from changing the browser context menu and this plugin will not be effective in those cases. At best, this plugin will prevent right clicking or dragging images on some browsers.

The plugin no longer tries to replace images with a dummy image. This method hardly ever worked and broke many web pages. If you want to go back, the 2.5 version may be available in the WordPress archive.


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  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Upload the plugin to your wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. Activate the plugin.


I click on an image to open it and then I can save it

When you added the image to WordPress you specified this behavior. When you insert an image you have to specify that you don’t want to have a click on the image open the image. It is up to you to protect your images by not opening the image on a click.
If you are able to click on an image to display the image in a new window, it is then outside of WordPress and can’t be protected.

I have a Slideshow or Gallery and users can right click on the images in the gallery.

Special image presentation plugins that use jQuery or other Javascript systems override the behavior of this plugin. When they load they take over and my plugin can’t help you. You need to contact the authors of the gallery and ask they they disable the right click event and drag events inside their plugin.


17 An t-Samhain 2022
That's help for protecting images from the right click.
12 An t-Iuchar 2022
No set up required, very pleasantly surprised it works right out of the box upon activation especially since it says it is untested with my version of wordpress! Love this no-frills plugin! 5 stars, would give 6!
23 An Dùbhlachd 2021
Thank you very much, I am very happy with the plugin. It works perfectly in my constellation (jpg-picture with click and zoom) under many browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) and under Android. Unfortunately, I cannot test other browsers or IOS. There is only one problem with Rank Math. I get the following message (error) after the SEO analysis: Some Javascript files don't seem to be minified, [Website...]/plugins/no-right-click-images-plugin/no-right-click-images.js
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Contributors & Developers

“No Right Click Images Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Tested under WordPress 6.2


  • Tested on 5.7 version of WordPress.


  • Tested on 5.4 version of WordPress.


  • Added right click enable for admins only option.


  • Removed background image checking for IOS. Seems to break everything.
  • made IOS processing default to off for new installations.


  • Added a CSS option for IOS to suppress the context menu on long presses and selects.
  • Reworked the get_options method to remove redundancies.


  • Fixed Option initialization


  • Completely rewrote the plugin javascript. It uses a different set of functions to stop the right click.
  • Major rewrite of the plugin loading method.
  • Removed javascript that did nothing. Just the bare bones settings are included now.


  • added Cell phone styles to javascript for Cell phones. I hope that his helps with Cell phone images. Tested on an old iPad – it may work. Works mostly in iPad, android phone works on some images.


  • Added alternate replacement image url for webmasters who don’t like the o-slash
  • Added an option to turn off IOS Android events that screwed up some web sites.
  • Added an extra Security check on plugin load.


  • Added support for longclick and touch interface for android and ipad/iphone.


  • Changed the default so that logged in users cannot copy images. Too many people tested the plugin without checking the settings and assumed that the plugin was broken. They did not read the documentation, try the settings, or check the WordPress forums. I am sorry that I had to do this, but users were indicating on the WordPress plugin page that it didn’t work.


  • Added option so that logged in users are allowed to copy images. Disables the plugin for logged in users. Captured copy to clipboard events to prevent another way of copying in some browsers. Fixed a problem in image replacement that prevented an image from being restored when another image was right clicked before the image times out.


  • Separated javascript into a loadable file. Added an option to replace images on right click in order to thwart FireFox users who choose to block javascript from controlling the context menu. Made drag and drop blocking optional.


  • Backed out click check on images because it broke galleries. I left it in as an option if you want to change the code.


  • Disabled links to local images (png, gif, jpg) in wp-content, preventing them from opening in a new window. This would allow these images to be saved or copied.


  • Added code that works when javascript creates or loads a new image. Disabled drag and drop on images so images can’t be dragged to desktop.


  • deleted some unused code in the javascript


  • initial release